Saturday, September 17, 2011

A-England: Lady Of The Lake

I am totally in love with this polish!!!  I had to say that right away.  This nail polish is just AMAZING!  I am so glad I decided to take advantage of A-England free international shipping a few weeks ago and pick up a few of their "mythical" line.  I purchased "Lady of the Lake" and "Tristam".

I have to share the pictures first cause they are too awesome not to! (Many pics, be warned!) in the sunlight

fingers on left and right are Lady of the lake, center finger is lady of the lake layered with KleanColor chunky holo fuchsia

See how incredible she is??  Lady of the Lake is described as "dusky purple with rainbow glimmer and glow".  The formula is one of the best I've ever used.  I only needed ONE coat to perfection!  I thought for sure I'd need two, but nope!

I can't wait to try my other A-England polish and to order more someday!  They cost £9.00 which is a bit less than $12.50 in USD.  For the quality of this polish I'd say the price is well worth what you get!  

You can find A-England products on their website, or follow them on facebook. 



  1. I <3 this polish so much too! Lovely pics xx

  2. Nice. I could have looked at even more pictures!

  3. STOP showing me these! GAH! I need them now. Darnit :( haha

  4. I love this polish too! I ordered it but it is on back order! I wonder how long before I get it!

  5. this is gorgeous! Can you think of anything remotely similar that might be more accessible?

  6. yey! i'm the 275th follower. hehe! hello! nice blog! i like the color of this polish and the glitters. it has a rainbow effect. so cool!

  7. I thought about ordering from A-England at that time , but didn't :O( That is an awesome color!


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