Monday, September 19, 2011

Blue-topia for Blue Monday!

This color was my most-awaited shade in Color Club's "BoHo" Fall 2011 polish set!   I was psyched when the package containing it arrived in the mail.

Check out the pictures of Blue-topia!

The pictures honestly do this baby NO justice.  She is a JELLY navy blue color. The formula of this polish is completely and utterly FLAWLESS!  I was in love from the first stroke of the brush on my nail.  I had no trouble applying it whatsoever, and the finish is just super shiny with that lovely jelly-ness that you don't often find in a dark color like this. 

I had layered a few KleanColor glitters over this color after I swatched it and they looked amazing...unfortunately the pictures all came out terribly and I couldn't redo them in time.  I will definitely be doing that again soon so I can get decent pics to share, cause it looked totally amazing!



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