Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My first International Swap: Brazil!

One of the most exciting days in the past few weeks happened the other day when my doorbell rang and it was my "postie" (as my friend Sarah, from Australia calls the mail delivery person, and I loved the word and adopted it!) asking me to sign for a package...from Brazil!  I knew it could only be one thing...

My swap package from Sarah in Brazil (a different Sarah than the one I mentioned before, lol).  Sarah's website is Them Pretty Colors, and you should check it out for sure!

I couldn't wait to see what she sent me, here are the pics!

Rivka Jenny, Charlotte, Carrie...Holos!!!

 Hits: Salsa, Twist, Jazz... FLAKIES!

Impala - Paz e Amor, Hippie Rua, Na Mira 3D

Esmalte - Iridium, Dote - Glamour, Esmalte - Espectral

I only just got this package a few days ago and I already want LOADS more polishes from Brazil, I'll have to start bugging Sarah again! ;)



  1. Those all look great but I am loving Twist!

  2. Nice Swap :) I like Hits flakies ;)

  3. yeah, hi. you need to swatch the Impala polishes the Esmalte polishes. k? thx. ;) Impala Na Mira 3D looks REDONKULOUS!!! I just ordered myself 2 Hits Holos. I CANT WAIT! :)

    AMAZING International Swap!! :):)

  4. OMG! http://www.flickr.com/photos/milateniz/5432985409/


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