Sunday, September 4, 2011

Icing: Witch's Brew

Way back when, I used to overlook the polishes in stores like Icing and Claire's because I assumed they would be terrible quality.  I have since learned that those stores actually have some decent polishes and have accumulated quite a few of them!  More Icing than Claire's for sure.

I was in Icing the other day and found a few shades that I assume are new for Fall/Halloween: Witch's Brew, Vampire's Blood, and Pumpkin.  Of course I bought all of them, and today I have swatches of Witch's Brew for you guys!

This color is not all that unique but I still really like it.  It's basically a black polish with blue micro shimmers/glitters in it.  It was nicely opaque in 2 coats and very easy to apply.  I have noticed that not all black glitter polishes are easy to work with, so I was pleased to see this was one of the good ones.

If you don't have a similar colored polish I would definitely say you should try and find this one because it's good quality and the price is really good.  Single Icing polishes retail for $4.50 but they seem to have a permanent BOGO 50% off on their cosmetics, so you can snag quite a few pretties for very little bank account damage ;)

Have you tried Icing polishes often? Which are your favorites?


  1. Erika, you're killin me with all these Icing polishes! :)

  2. Very pretty! So dark and awesome!

  3. Love it! I'll definitely have to check out the new Halloween polishes at Icing...I love their glitters so much!

  4. God knows I'll get them just fot their names ;p


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