Friday, September 9, 2011

Lex Cosmetics: Peabow

Lex Cosmetics is a very unique nail polish company.  If you aren't familiar with how Lex works, basically you can go to the website and create your own polish color.  The submissions are given via a form where you include the color and a story behind the color you wish to create.  Certain submissions are picked for voting, and the winners of the votes become actual nail polish colors that you can purchase from the website.

The color I am reviewing is called Peabow.  Here is the story of Peabow as stated on the Lex Cosmetics website:
  • PEABOW by Rhonda

    Rhonda's flashy blue was inspired by peacocks. "When I look at a beautiful peacock it reminds me of my creator looking at how artistic the world is and as I look up into the sky seeing a colorful rainbow is a reassuring promise."

 Here's a bottle shot of Peabow, I love the design on the Lex bottle stems!  So pretty!

 In person, the color in the bottle actually looks more purplish to me than blue, and even on the nails it is a very purplish toned blue, and is super gorgeous!

The finish of this polish is very shiny and frosty/shimmery.  It looked so pretty, I loved it on my nails even more than in the bottle.  The application was 3 coats for full opacity.  The first coat felt harder to apply and was a little streaky and uneven but after that the next 2 coats went on without any problem.  As you can see from the pics there are no streaks or bald patches, just gorgeous shine!

Lex Cosmetics polishes are 3-FREE and can be purchased at their Website for $10 each.  Proceeds from the sales are donated to Help Lucky Girls.

You can also find and "like" Lex Cosmetics on Facebook by clicking here.

(product provided for review consideration)


  1. Now that is one amazingly pretty blue!

  2. Love the color, love the the idea of the co. (frankening without using your own polish) and love that they donate proceeds! Great info in this post!

    <3 Shannon

  3. Looks great, Erika! I'm glad I got the Seashell though. I don't think I would wear this much!

  4. That's an awesome blue!

  5. My gosh is this color wonderful or what. It's perfect and I love it ! :D


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