Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tuff Scent Nail Polish: Kiss

Scented nail polish is an ever-growing fad in the nail polish world.  Even age-old brands like Revlon have been getting into the trend.  I typically buy a nail polish based on the color it is, and not whether it will smell good or not...smelling good isn't usually the first thing someone would think about nail polish because nail polish has a tendency to actually smell kind of bad.

That being comes Tuff Scent, scented nail polish.  I was recently sent one of their polishes to review and it has kind of changed my outlook on scented nail polish in general.  It's basically made me realize that most of the other companies must be doing it wrong!

First, some pictures (because I know that's what most of you are really here for!)

Tuff Scent: Kiss

I'd describe Kiss as a shimmery/sheer taupe.  I used 3 coats for full opacity.  It's a unique color to my collection and I didn't think I would like it very much when I saw it in the bottle but I think it actually looks pretty good!  I love the finish of this polish too, it's really pretty.

The bottles are really unique too, so I had to get a few pics of them to share as well:

 I love that each bottle has a little description on the back, it's a nice touch.

The bottles are also very tall so it felt kinda strange at first using such a long brush, but it wasn't hard to get the hang of, and the application was smooth and neat.
Now, about the scented aspect:  CINNAMON!  If you hate cinnamon, you will likely hate to wear this particular Tuff Scent because it really does smell like cinnamon.  I really liked this because the smell kind of reminded me of some stores I used to go to all the time with my mother when I was a kid...that kind of spicy potpourri smell...and it brought back memories for me.  The polish really does smell strongly!  I didn't get any nail polish fume smell mixed into the cinnamon smell at all, which impressed me because most scented polishes still have that underlying chemical smell.

I am super curious about some of the other color/scent combinations that Tuff Scent has to offer, so I can only hope that they do a really good sale sometime because at $14 per polish, it's not really in my budget to buy a lot of these...I'd definitely wait for a sale or maybe a special occasion, but it's usually really hard for me to spend that much on a single polish. 

All in all I was really happy with this polish though, definitely the best scented polish I have tried so far, and the quality was really nice! 

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  1. Just got this in the mail from you. LOVE IT. I'm actually thinking of buying it when I send yours back. :)

  2. I have both the Earth and Water collection and the Kiss was my fave colour but i hated the smell, it was the most over powering smell out of them all, and i coulnt get to grips with the long brush, when i cleaner the excess of the brush to apply it would run down of the top part and blob on my brush.

  3. Fun looking bottles and the color is great too!

  4. Gorgeous color.. and glad to read you liked the scent. Want to order some of these!!

  5. Do they all smell like cinnamon on it depends on the color?


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