Friday, October 7, 2011

Impala Pairing!

I posted a week or two ago about the swap from Brazil that I did with Sarah B. of Them Pretty Colors.  Two of the polishes I got in that swap were Impala Hippie Rua and Impala Paz e Amor.

I decided these two polishes would look great together so I tried it out.

Firstly, here is Hippie Rua on its own:

It is a really unique color.  Sometimes I think it's a Navy blue, and other times it looks like a blackberry.  It was easy to put on, I really love this polish.  But of course I couldn't just leave it plain!  So I picked up Paz e Amor and ...WOW!  Check out how it looked after!

I love flakies!!!  It's so pretty!   I will have to try Paz e Amor over other colors to see how it looks.  Isn't it stunning? 

Thanks again Sarah!


  1. LOVE!! - You're teasing me with flakies, Erika!

  2. Flakies! I just love this color combination. Subtle with enough pop to make it catchy.

  3. I like it before the flakies-such a pretty color all on its own!

  4. It's super stunning, you can't go wrong with or without!

  5. I like both and they look amazing together.


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