Thursday, October 6, 2011

Scherer Nail Polish: Petites: Color Fever!

Hi guys! Sorry I missed posting yesterday, I got caught up with errands and called in to work earlier than usual so I totally spaced on it! OOPSIE!

Anyhow, today I have for you a review of another line of Scherer polishes, the  Petites Color Fever!  I have recently already reviewed the CQ Polishes, and the Petites.

 Galaxy is gorgeous!  It's a dark red glitter jelly and is super shiny!  The application was a little streaky but I was able to get the pictured look in only 2 coats.

 Raspberry Ice
Raspberry Ice is a 1-coat beauty!  Look at that shimmery fleck finish!   It's a really unique shade of pink (at least in my collection it is!)!  Also very shiny and the formula was flawless!  

 Vintage Gray
Vintage Gray is a creme polish that almost wants to be a jelly.  Is that even possible?  Whatever it is, it was also flawless.  This is two very smooth and lovely coats.  I am really loving these color fever polishes!

Lastly we have Zodiac.  This is a super amazing color!  It's glittery, shimmery, and has a fleck appearance to it as well.  It started off a little streaky, but just like with Galaxy, it straightened itself out perfectly after applying the second coat.  Don't you just love this purple??

Once again I am impressed with the Scherer products!  I need more colors to come out so I can buy them all!

You can check out the Scherer website here or "like" Color Fever on facebook.

**some of the products in this post were sent by the company's PR for my review consideration**


  1. I LOVE Galaxy and Zodiac! Such interesting finishes!

  2. I love the Peties Polish brand. I can only find them in one store in my area!

  3. I love Galaxy!! That's my kind of color :)

  4. These are all great! I love the gray but who doesn't love a fabulous glitter??

  5. I should get some more of these polishes. I have Raspberry Ice and it's great!

  6. Great swatches! I love all of them!


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