Friday, October 28, 2011

New From Sally Hansen!...there are even flakies!

This morning I made a trip to my local Walmart.  Usually I skim through their nail polish offerings and wind up very disappointed.  The stores near me are usually in a very sorry looking disarray, and they never have anything new at all, so I am disappointed more often than not.

Today was luckily one of those rare occasions where I was pleasantly surprised!  Not only did they have the new Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kollection (of which I grabbed a few and will swatch in a future post), but they had a huge display of brand new Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes.

Now, I don't typically like the Diamond Strength offerings, so I almost didn't stop, but then I did a double take cause the bottles looked different...and I saw FLAKIES

I Think some of these may be re-promotes of existing colors and put into the new bottles, but I am pretty sure a lot of these are new, or previously hard to come by because I'd never seen them before

I didn't grab every color they had but I did wind up with 13 of them in my cart!  I picked all of the ones that looked "Special" to me in some way (flakie, shimmer, duochrome, glitter, etc).

So what I have for you today are bottle shots and nail wheel shots...I didn't have time to do nail shots yet cause I just bought these, but I will get actual swatches as soon as I can!


Diamonds (tiny flakies), Glass Slipper (FLAKIE), Something Blue

Bride to Be, Black Diamonds (glass fleck black!), Black Tie (duochrome!)

Aisle Be There (duochrome!), Pulled Sugar, Pink Promise

Princess Cut (FLAKIE), Wedding Crasher (glitter), Save the Date, Red Velvet
Additional shots of the Flakies (Glass Slipper/Princess Cut), and the glitter (Wedding Crasher)

Additional bottle shot of duochrome Black Tie
Black Diamonds, Black Tie

Save the Date, Bride to Be

Wedding Crasher, Red Velvet
 The following wheel swatches I did with half the swatch over black, just to see the different effects some of them really need to be layered to get the true effect so I wanted to show it both ways.

Diamonds (tiny flakies), Aisle Be There (duochrome)
Glass Slipper, Princess Cut (both Flakies!)
Pulled Sugar, Pink Promise, Something Blue

Overall I am really happy with these new offerings from Sally Hansen!  The colors I didn't pick up were pretty but didn't have anything as special about them and I can wait to get them later if I decide to.  There seemed to be a few cremes and a few other more subtle shimmers.  They were in a huge endcap style display and were $3.98 each.

Have you seen these in your local stores yet?  What do you think of these?


  1. I LOVE Diamonds--I've literally gone through 2 bottles! I don't wear it much anymore, but I would layer it over everything--more on top of colors that dried matte! ♥

  2. loving them! you can't fault SH really - great price, great choice :)

  3. I love Sally' Diamonds. I use Flawless as my base and top coat. It Rarely smears my nail art. I'm in fact wearing Pink Promise right now!

  4. Wow, those are gorgeous! Good thing I'm making a Walmart trip today...although mine rarely gets any new polish in, lol.

  5. Love these... so glad I sent you back to WalMart! ;)

  6. I need to go to Walmart asap!!!!!!!

  7. I forgot thank u for being an enabler!!! Lol! Hopefully my stupid ass puertorican walmart will have those, but then again, who knows we never got wNW on the prowl, Revlon Just Tinted either :-/

  8. wow loving the flakies... need to head to walmart, maybe I'll get lucky!

  9. I hate Walmart...but it looks like I will be making a trip anyway!

  10. These look amazing!!! Thanks for sharing! I will definitely keep my eyes open at Walmart!

  11. definitely going to walmart tomorrow...this is awesome!

  12. So exciting I hope I see these at my Walmart!

  13. Great photos! I rarely pick up Sally Hansen, but Black Diamond and Aisle Be There are so pretty I'm going to have to change my ways! XO

  14. Great pictures! I'm excited to find these!

  15. Those are gorgeous! I'm usually so bored with both Walmart's selection and this particular SH line, but these are amazing! I'm going on the hunt for them ASAP!

    (Here via NouveauCheap)

  16. Flakies?! In an actual store? Holy crap! I need to go check my Walmart soon!

  17. I may need one of those flakies! Black tie reminds me of my beloved LE Opulent Cloud by SH... which is now only 2/3rds full and I wish I had a back-up!

  18. After seeing the Kardashian polishes, I ran away. Maybe if I sneak up the other aisle I can find these. Very cool collection on SH's part.

  19. I'm so excited! Seems like duochromes and flakies are going to be the "it" trend this season! I tried the crackle trend and it was ok at first then I ended up tossing my black crackle and never wanting another bottle of crackle. And chunky glitter and shimmers <3

  20. GAH!! these look amazing!! I can;t wait to get some

  21. Thanks for posting all the pics! I went out and bought Glass Slipper, Princess Cut, Diamonds, and a polish called Black Diamond (not Black DiamondSSSS). My Black Diamond has number 94 on the cap, how about yours? I'm just wondering if they're different polishes because mine is in the regular shaped Diamond Strength bottle. I also found an old Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamonds (#05) that I bought a couple years ago. It's very shimmery, definitely not a flakie, and the base is more of an ivory tone than the new version (which is #120). So annoying that they reused the same name!


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