Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Review: Best Nail Treatments

Hey guys, I was MIA yesterday, recovering from being away all weekend!

So now that I'm back, I have a review for you guys today.  It's six glitter polishes from Best Nail Treatments!

Here is a bit of information about the company, as stated on their website:
"Best Nail Treatments is a privately held female-owned company that manufactures our products in the USA.. By removing harmful chemicals such as, formaldehyde, toluene, and phlatates, we are creating a better and safer way for the nail care industry to care for their clients."
 I'm going to start by saying that I am sure these glitters will look even more amazing layered over other solid colors, but I didn't swatch them that way since I wanted to give an idea of what they looked like alone first.  In the future I will surely use them in manis where they are layered over other colors.


 Snowflake is a clear jelly-based fine iridescent glitter.  It's super sparkly and shiny!  I think this would look great over just about any color.

Freeze is a clear jelly-based fine silver glitter.  I really liked how this glitter differed from a lot of other silver glitters I have used.  The sparkle is so delicate and pretty, whereas most silver glitters I have used are larger chunkier pieces of glitter.  I love how shiny this one is as well.

Brick is a red jelly-based dark red glitter.  It was a little hard to get full coverage with this color for some reason.  This glitter is really nice though I think it was my least favorite of them all.  It just didn't seem as sparkly to me as it should have been, though as you can see it's just as shiny as the others have been.

Holiday Glitter
Holiday Glitter is a clear jelly-based gold glitter.  I am not usually a fan of gold glitter in general but I think this one is super pretty and really does make me think of the Holidays, as its name seems to be intended to do.  I really like, once again, the use of fine glitter instead of chunky glitter.  I'll definitely be using this polish in some holiday manis!

Stardust is a clear jelly-based fine blue glitter polish.  I can't wait to layer this one over some other colors because I think it will look fantastic over many different colors.  I love the way this looks when the light hits it.  There's that kind of twinkly glow it gives off that's awesome.  

Promiscuous is a purplish jelly-based glitter.  It's sort of a wine/purplish colored glitter and I think of all the colors I reviewed, this one would be the most wearable on its own if given enough coats.  In my pic, the finger in the middle got a thicker second coat than the other fingers did and you can see that it's basically gotten full-coverage on the nail and looks amazing.  This is probably my favorite color of the group. 

The formulas on all of these glitters was really good, though the red one gave me the most trouble to work with.  For the most part, they were very easy to apply and didn't "goop up" like many glitter polishes tend to do. 

Removal was basically what you'd expect from glitter polish, though it was slightly easier since these glitter particles are fine instead of chunky.  

You'll definitely want to use a nice top coat with these polishes.  I have been testing out the  Fast Dry Basecoat, and Super Fast Drying top coat by Best Nail Treatments and I have to say that they have worked out very well for me so far, so you might want to give those a try sometime as well.  The Super Fast Dry topcoat has given my other fast drying topcoats very good competition and works just as well or better as some of the leading/most popular fast-dry top coats out there that I typically use. 

The glitter polishes I reviewed are available to purchase online for just $5.99 each, which I think is a very reasonable price for the amount and quality you get.  The fast drying basecoat is $7.99 and the super fast drying top coat is $8.59. 


  1. ARGH! Y'all need to quit showing me polishes I want! damn no buy!

  2. I've never heard of this brand.. My favorite is Brick :)

  3. I like them all. but my favorite it the promiscuous by far!

  4. These look really nice! I love the first 2 and Stardust the most, but they all look great!

  5. Snowflake and Freeze don't really look any different from one another, but that could just be me. Promiscuous and especially Stardust are GORGEOUS though! I have never heard of this brand, but thanks to that blue, I am def interested! =P

  6. Promiscuous is my fav out of all of the swatches! She is so beautiful!


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