Saturday, October 15, 2011

Swap Swap Swap!

Lately I've been reeling in the international swap packages and I thought it would be fun to give you guys a quick peek at some of the awesome goodies I have been sent by some lovely ladies I've met in the nail polish world.

First up we have two packages I received from Sarah of the website Shatter Me Claire.  She hails from down under and sent me these amazing polishes:
Glitter gal, Chemistry, Face of Austrailia, and Picture Polish! (don't have the exact color names in front of me, though I know the Glitter gal is Marine Blue, and the Picture Polish is VooDoo)

Picture Polish Ozotic, Bloom, Mode, and Chi Chi!  Plus a little koala friend who now hangs onto my laptop monitor to keep me company!   Sarah definitely picked me out some gorgeous polishes!

Next up is a swap I got from Ruth in Spain!
Look at all those pretties! Sorry the pic is kinda bad, it was from my cell phone and the lighting wasn't very good.  But those are some lovely Catrice, Flormar, and Essence polishes! And a Chupa Chups pop which was very yummy (and long gone!)  I featured that green Flormar the other day in my challenge post! :)

Next is my swap from Tammy in the Netherlands!  Her blog is called Gettin' Girlie and you should check it out!

She also picked out amazing polishes for me:
First I have to say...those were the first Stroopwafels I have ever had in my life and they are AMAZING!!!   I need more of those in my life RIGHT NOW! There are only a couple left and that makes me sad!!!   But at least the polishes will last me a long time!  We have some beauties from many different brands here!  Including: Catrice, Essence, Golden Rose, and teeez!  I can't wait to use all these! 

Last but certainly not least we have the swap I got from Maki in Germany!  Her site is called Candy Glaze.  This was another really big swap and many of the items I was getting from her were surprises to me, and she picked out incredible choices for me!
Yummy goodies to eat, plus look at all those polishes!  Some of the brands I'd never even heard of and can't wait to try out.  Here we've got some Catrice, Essence, BeYu, P2, Golden Rose, Deborah Milano, Kiko, Booty, MNY, and more!!  Thank you so much Maki!

I am in polish overload at this point and will hopefully be sharing all of these great colors with you all at some time or another over will surely take a while to get to them all but I look forward to it!

I have to lay off the swaps for a while now with the holidays coming up (though I do still have one more in-progress from the UK!).  It's so addicting and fun to get polishes from all over the world, don't you think so?

Do you swap? Where have you gotten swap packages from?


  1. Ooh you've got some great polishes there! I haven't swapped but it seems like something I should involve myself in :-)

  2. You always have the best swaps! I need to find me an international swap buddy!!

  3. I love swaps, and yours are amazing.

  4. Looks like you made out really well! Awesome haul! I really want to do some international swaps but I don't know where to start. I'm afraid to get a flaker. I know there are good swappers out there but my luck I'd get one that isn't good. Have you ever had a bad swap? If you want to answer privately my email is soccermom59 at gmail. Thanks girlie!

  5. Awesome swaps my friend! :) Can't wait to see swatches of that last package - they look so fantastic!


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