Monday, October 24, 2011

Unicorn Puke is Here!

A few weeks ago Cult Nails had a special pre-sale on their website to order special limited edition bottles of their flakie polish.  The limited edition bottles have gold lettering and the polish name "Unicorn Puke".  The same color will be available again next month, in the normal bottle and with it's regular name (Which I believe is "Clairvoyant").  

Anyhow, I was lucky enough to snag one of the limited edition bottles in the pre-sale and I am so glad I did!  I just got this baby in the mail today and had to put a quick blog together to show you how gorgeous this is!

Here is the lovely Unicorn Puke bottle:

I grabbed a few polishes that were nearby to layer Unicorn Puke over, plus I put it by itself on one nail too so you could see how it would look if you chose to wear it sans "underwear".

The colors I layered it over looked like this before:
MAC: Spirit of Truth, Nails Inc: Warwick Way, Lex Cometics:Peabow

And here is how it looked after:

I wish my pictures had come out better so you could see the true glory of this polish!  I am getting a light box very soon and I think I will swatch Unicorn Puke again once I have that and can take much better pictures.  I've recently started working in a different room of the house and am just not used to the lighting in here, but the light box should hopefully solve my issues!

Don't you just love this polish!?  Were you lucky enough to get a bottle of this too?

If you haven't already, you can go here to "like" Cult Nails on Facebook.

You can visit their website here and order some of their other shades.


  1. got mine too... can't wait to swatch it over different colors. I love it over Peabow!!

  2. I got it too and I think I'm going to wear it over a purple, just to see what I get. If I knew it was going to come today I wouldn't have spent half an hour of halloween art last night!

  3. It's so pretty!! So sad i missed the pre-sale! I'll definitely try to get it when they have it again next month!

  4. i loooove it :) pretty nails too :)

  5. Thanks. First swatch I have seen of it - only bottle shot before. I looks a bit like Nubar 2010 but with both the green glass flecks and the orangy ones showing p. Nubar 2010 often will trick me with only showing orange based on the base polish shade or gives me green ones again based on the base polish I have used - but rarely gives me both shades. It's not as sheer of glitter as the infamous Unicorn Pee, but it's nice and I am sure there will be a run on it big time.

  6. Oh that one is awesome! Your so lucky to have been able to get it!


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