Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Nail Polish!

Lots of pictures to share with you guys today!  The Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers "Tombstone" polishes!  The little tombstone bottles of these polishes are so cute, though I am not sure most people would think of a gravestone as 'cute', haha.

Anyhow, since I have a lot of polishes to cover, I am just going to dive right in!

Black Pearl
I started with Black Pearl because it is the least interesting of the bunch.  I like it though because, like most Wet N Wild black polishes I have tried, it's got great coverage.  I did two coats but could have easily stayed with one, which I like in a black polish.

Black Magic
Black Magic is a black base with micto glitter.  This polish is interesting because in the bottle it looks like it's just a copper-ish/orangey micro glitter, but when light hits it in different ways you can see glints of other colors in there, but it was basically impossible to prove this with a photo, even this photo doesn't really capture how pretty this polish is.  This is two coats.

Black Magic (bar glitter version)
This version of Black Magic was actually released last year (I believe) but I was lucky enough to find a leftover one in a bin at a local supermarket of all places!  I don't usually like bar glitter at all but this one actually looks really fun on the nail and I like it!  It is actually rainbow bar glitter in a clear base, but I layered it over black because it looked very strange when I swatched it on a "naked" nail!

 Purple Potion
This one is Purple Potion.  It is a black base with lots of purple micro glitter.  There is way more glitter than the pics make it look like.  The glitter was being very photo-shy but believe me, there's tons of it!  It's so pretty!

Vamp Red
I found this color in the CVS Fantasy Makers displays this year.  I have heard that many people couldn't find this color this year, and that it was released in a previous year with the name "Vampish Red".  My bottle of it definitely says "Vamp Red" and it was readily available in my area.  So I am not sure what that's all about.  Anyhow, this is your typical blood-red creme polish.  It's an almost-black dark red.  Two coats pictured here.

Creepy Pumpkin
Creepy Pumpkin is my favorite color of these tombstone polishes!  This is a bright orange (but not neon) jelly with gold micro glitter.  This polish is so easy to apply and jelly is always fun to work with.  I love how it looks on the nail and in the bottle.  I would definitely wear this other times besides around Halloween. 

Night Glow
This is the first time I was able to properly photograph a glow in the dark picture! This polish, Night Glow, is so glowy!  This is only 1 coat of it layered over Creepy Pumpkin.  It actually kept the charge longer than some other glow polishes I have tried, though it still did dull down pretty quickly.  I don't care though, it's still so cool!

I have an additional picture of Night Glow for you as well, mostly cause I thought it looked really neat so I had to take a picture.  It is how the polish looks when under a black light.

See how cool!?  I love it!  I wish I could walk around in black lighting wearing this polish all day!

So there you have it...the entire (as far as I know) line of  Fantasy Makers Tombstones!  I hope you enjoyed!

Do you have any of these? Which is your favorite?


  1. I love the glow in the dark! you did amazing job with the pictures. My fav is the Black magic! It look so happy for black! :)

  2. I am loving the black magic with the micro glitter-very cool!

  3. So jealous of your version of Black Magic! It all looks great!

  4. I have Purple Potion and I wish the glitter would be more pronounced. Because the application was kinda difficult, I think the thick base ate up all the purple sparklies. Otherwise, I really like the color.

  5. I LOVE the bar glitter!! I want one!! Gorgeous, as always :)

  6. The bar glitter version of Black Magic is so pretty! As is Purple Potion.

  7. great swatches!! love the bar glitter

  8. Great swatches! I love those glow in the dark polishes!

  9. I have not seen these polishes ANYWHERE! :(

    My favorite is Black Magic (bar glitter version.)

  10. Where do you buy Fantasy Makers??? I have heard Rite Aid and Kmart, both of which do not exist around here. I'm just a smidge north of Houston...you would think those stores would be here right? lol. I would love to find them in a store and not have to pay the overpriced amounts on ebay.


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