Thursday, March 1, 2012

BB Couture, Men on Film

Hey guys!  I am here today, as promised, with a selection of colors from the BB Couture Men collection "Men on Film".  This is a really cool collection of matte colors!  I really love matte polishes because of their versatility since you can choose to wear as-is, or add a shiny top coat, of course! 

Road Warrior

Road Warrior + topcoat
Road Warrior is your fairly standard black matte polish.  I like this well enough but I can't think of much to say about it.  It dried fairly quickly so you need to be quick when applying it to avoid streaking.  I really love this one with the topcoat more than matte, love the richness of the black!

Blade Runner

Blade Runner + topcoat
Blade Runner is like Road Warrior's shimmery cousin.  It's a black matte but with a silvery shimmer throughout.  It looks great matte, but the shimmer really pops when you apply the shiny top coat to it.  Either way you decide to wear it, this is a great color!

Top Gun

Top Gun + topcoat
Top Gun is a navy/royal blue matte with silvery shimmer throughout.  It was a little hard to apply because of the fast drying time.  Other than that I really like this polish and I think it's completely brilliant with top coat!

Overall I think this is a really cool collection of matte polishes!  I really am in love with the 2 shimmery ones especially.  I'm excited to get the rest of this collection when it is available.

If you would like to find out more about BB Couture, use any of the following links:

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What do you think of this collection?    Do you prefer them shiny or matte?

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  1. I really like Blade Runner with a top coat, very pretty!

  2. I love Top Gun with the top coat! wow it just shines!

  3. Top Gun is my fav! I love matte polishes, so I think it's gorgeous without top coat


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