Friday, March 2, 2012

A-England Princess Tears

TGIF everyone!  Hope you have some fun plans for the weekend!

Today I have a great polish to share! I decided to end the week with this gorgeous new holographic polish from the most recent A-England Collection, The Legends.  This polish is called Princess Tears.  I really love that name for some reason.

Princess Tears is a silvery/greyish lilac color which is also holographic.  Enough words though, I will let the pictures talk instead:

no flash

indoors, with flash

closeup to show the holographic gorgeousness
Unfortunately I didn't have a sunny day when I swatched this polish, but I think the flash pictures actually did a really good job of showing how strong the holographic effect in this polish really is!  I love it!

Do you own any A-England polishes?   What are some of your favorite holographic polishes?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Gorgeous. This was one of the ones in the collection I definitely wanted to wait for blogger swatches of, because I didn't have a good sense of how it looks. I got St George, I have a feeling some others will creep into my collection before long!

  2. i'm wearing those tears on my nails today! i have to say, one of the reason's i ordered this A England is because of the name :) i ordered this one from Llarowe, with Lady of the Lake on back order. I feel that Princess Tears is very sutble...i only used 2 coats, so mine doesn't have the lushness and holo like yours. but i LOVE this color. last night i ended up putting a single layer of Lynderella Lavendear over, and wow--they work! to sum up...i want MORE a England!!! thanks for posting those swatches :) --maysa

  3. I just got my first A England polish in a swap. Can't wait to try it out. This is gorgeous!

  4. This is so pretty! I wish I would've ordered it. I only care for scattered holos, so the A Englands are my favorites. I also like Nubar Reclaim and DS Signature.

  5. OMG, I picked it up and it's sitting on my shelf, I didn't realize that it was that gorgeous!!! I will have to try it out SOON!!

  6. I love the holo effect in this one much more than Saint George.. it gorgeous!

  7. This is beautiful! I really need to finally buy some of this x


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