Monday, March 5, 2012

Glittering Crowd tips

Monday already?!  Why does the weekend always fly by!? 

To start the week off, I've got a fun mani to share with you that I did with my Princess Tears mani from last week.

I wore this to a friend's birthday lunch, it seemed fun and party-like to me and was a good excuse to finally crack open my bottle of Lynderella Glittering Crowd.

with flash

no flash

no flash
So the base of this is, as I said earlier, A-England Princess Tears.  I stamped with a Sally Hansen InstaDri polish (Pronto Purple), and sponged the tips with Lynderella Glittering Crowd.  The image plate is the Konad Charming Nails plate Q1

This mani was super fun but I have to say,  sadly, Glittering Crowd is kind of a pain to work with,  Next time I will have to use more Gelous and maybe 2 coats of top coat to keep it from being rough, because the roughness makes me want to peel it off, so I didn't wind up wearing this mani for many days unfortunately :(

What do you think of this?   How do you deal with rough and stubborn glitters?


  1. wow this is cute! I also have The Glittering Crowd but I haven't worn yet because I was not so sure how to wear it....this is a great idea! it's lovely!

  2. Very pretty for a party. I am looking forward to hearing how others deal with the roughness of glitter. Keep up the great work!

  3. perfect for a party, very pretty!

  4. I love that polish! I must have that A-England polish!


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