Friday, May 18, 2012

Glitter Gradient

Did you ever see a mani you loved so much you just HAD to try it on yourself?  I am sure most of you have at some time or another.  This happened to me recently, when I saw this awesome gradient + glitter mani that Amber posted over on her blog Amber Did it! <--- click that to see the inspiration for today's post!!

So I am part of some groups that do challenges and one of the recent challenges was copy-cat, which was to copy someone else's mani.  What better time than that to try out Amber's mani?

I decided to go with blues instead of purples though, and I used a slightly different glitter topper than she did, but there are so many similar ones out there these days, you can really use any of them that you have access to in order to recreate this look.

I used the gradient tutorial by The Nailasaurus to learn how to make the gradient effect on my nails.  I used Sally Hansen Blue By! and Orly Frisky for my colors.  

The glitter on top is Salt n Peppa by Lush Lacquer.

Here is a picture of the gradient before I added the glitter, in case you are wondering what it looked like:
I had so much fun making this gradient, it just made me wanna experiment with all different colors!

PS: Sorry the quality of the pics is a little lower than usual, for some reason my camera just wouldn't pick up the color differences in my gradient very well so I had to use my iPad camera for these pictures.

What do you think of this mani?  Do you like the new gradient nails trend?


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