Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Manhattan & Champagne Cocktail by Soflajo

Happy May everyone!  Where the heck has the year gone? It's almost halfway done!  Anyhow, today I have two lovely colors to share with you from the Soflajo Happy Hour Collection!

First up is Manhattan, which is "a deep caramel/maroon shimmer with glass flecks."

I love how Manhattan is such a summery shade even though it is on the deeper/richer side.  It also looks really flattering against my skin tone, which I was initially worried about it not being.  The formula was really nice, and I probably could have just used one coat, but I went for two out of habit.

Next, I decided to do something a little different, and layer Champagne Cocktail right over Manhattan instead of wearing it on its own.  Champagne Cocktaill is " a silver holo filled with multiple holo glitters to be worn alone or as a topcoat." 

Here's how it looks over Manhattan, prepare to drool!:

I LOVE this combo!  Champagne Cocktail is a really fun holographic polish and is very versatile!  I will say that it needs quite a bit of shaking to get the holographic particles to disperse enough for full coverage.  The polish does have shaker balls in it, but if you got one of the earlier bottles of this polish, you can contact Jody over at Soflajo and she will gladly send you a couple more to help you shake your pretty polish up better, as this issue popped up after she'd already sold bottles of the polish.  I stress there is nothing at all wrong with your polish if you can't get it to look holo, it will definitely work perfectly once the correct amount of balls are added to shake it up nicely.

So there you have my thoughts on these two Happy Hour Collection beauties!  Love 'em!

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What do you think of these Happy Hour Collection Colors?  Have you tried any Soflajo polishes yet?

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  1. I love Champagne over Manhattan! It looks as lively and effervescent as the names imply.


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