Monday, June 25, 2012

Indie Spotlight: F4 Polish

Good morning everyone!  Today I have yet another Indie Spotlight to share with you!  Today's is F4 Polish!

Chunky Cow
Chunky Cow is "fine black glitter based polish with silver holographic glitters and small white matte hex glitters".  I chose to layer this over a grey polish.  I really like that this isn't your typical B&W glitter polish (not that there is anything wrong with the rest!), I like the look of this though, and it was super easy to apply, I needed only 1 coat, and then a few careful placements of a few extra white hex glitters. 

Space Mountain
Space Mountain is "clear based polish with black, white, purple and blue matte glitters and silver holographic glitters."  I layered this over black polish and I absolutely love it!  This is such a cool mix of glitter colors!  I love the matte glitters lately too, such a change of pace from all the bling going around.  Awesome polish!

Pink Panther
Pink Panther is "holographic pink glitter base with large gold diamond glitters."  I layered this glitter over pink polish.  I think this is a very unique and interesting look.  Diamond shaped glitters are not my personal cup of tea but if you are a fan of them then this could be the perfect polish for you.  I don't dislike this polish but shaped glitters don't tend to stay on my nails very well so it doesn't work that well for me.

Pink Penquin over White, Pink Salmon over White, Pink Penquin over Black, Pink Salmon over Black
Pink Penquin:  "clear base with black and white matte fine glitters and matte pink hex glitters."
Pink Salmon:  "clear base with small pink and white matte glitters and pink salmon satin hex glitters."

I love both of these matte glitter polishes!  I prefer the Pink Salmon over white, but hte Pink Penquin over blackBoth of these were very easy to apply and shown is just 1 coat of each, over the respective colors (as stated in the picture caption) I think if you like white/black/pink these glitters are must-haves for your collection!

F4 polish has really impressed me so far!  I love their creations and anxiously wait to see what else they have in store!

Check them out on facebook too!:

What do you think of these?  Do you own any F4 polish yet?

*polishes provided by seller for review consideration


  1. These are so pretty :) wish I could get them in the UK

  2. All of these are so pretty, I especially love Space Mountain.

  3. Oooooh, I need pink salmon now!

  4. F4 Polishes are some of my favorites!! You did a great job showing them off :)

  5. I love F4! I've 11 of their polishes so far, Pink Penquin was my first. [I keep typing Penguin] Mirror Ball is super sick if you like reflective glitter.


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