Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Partner Stamping Wednesday!

Here I am with this week's installment of Partner Stamping Wednesday!

Jamie and I are using stamping plate RA-107 this week, from the Red Angel collection 1.

Here is the mani I came up with:

The colors I used were Brucci Gianna's Rockin' Blue and a black spectraflair polish I made myself.  I put Hits Hera on top of the thumb and pinky as well.  I then topped everything off with Hits Hefesto to make everything holo! 

This time I remembered to take a picture of the plate, so here is the plate:

This was super fun.  I love animal print nails, I always remember that when I do them but then I forget to do them more often!

Now visit Nails Adored and see what Jamie came up with this week!


  1. What!! you weren't inspired to use the fish bones?! lol This mani is so gorgous, I have no words! I love it soo frikken much :)

  2. I haven't had a holo wow me in a while but can I just say I am in love with the black holo!

  3. The fact that I don't own a holo polish makes me want to cry a little....and the prettiness of this mani makes me want to cry a lot lol

  4. I am so in love with this mani! So I'm looking for new stamping plates that actually fit my nails. I find most of the plates from the born pretty store do not cover my whole nail, since I have long nails. So do you think this brand of stamps would cover long nails?

  5. This is really awesome! I love holos and I love when people play around with them instead of straight swatches!


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