Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sonia Kashuk: Fairy Princess

Hey guys!  I have a really quick swatch for you today, Sonia Kashuk's Fairy Princess.

This is a really pretty mint/teal color with a subtle blue shimmer.  I thought it would need at least 3 coats but it was fine with two.  Three would be good if you really care a lot about VNL, In person there really wasn't much detectable with two coats though.

I love this shade, it's really summery and delicate, while still being fun and somewhat bright. 

You can buy Sonia Kashuk polishes at Target for under $6.


  1. This is such a pretty color and your swatches make that blue shimmer just pop, but I'm so turned off by how cruddy the application was. This is the only SK polish I have so I can't tell if it is the brand or my bottle.

    1. I think it's the color, but if you do thin-ish coats, it isn't that bad, and I found that it works better with a "stickier" base coat rather than a shiny one.

    2. Yeah, it wasn't the worst I've ever dealt with so that's a plus. Gelous is my go-to base coat so I don't know exactly where that falls on the sticky spectrum.

  2. i want that pretty mint!! Delicate shimmers are my favourite polishes at the moment!!! Looks awesome on you and great photos

  3. I usually pass over any Sonia Kashuk polishes - but this one is really catching my eye!

  4. Wow this is stunning! Look at that gorgeous shimmer!

  5. you just added another lemming to my neverending list.. LOL Thank you for showing us this GORGEOUS polish!!!


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