Monday, July 9, 2012

Indie Spotlight: Vivid Lacquer

Here is another Indie Spotlight, today we have some gorgeous polishes by Anni, who runs Vivid Lacquer!

Cookies & Cream
Cookies & Cream is "A delicate white, jelly base filled with shredded black, flakes of white, and round black glitter"

I had to put this one on immediately because it looked so cute and creamy in the bottle.  I really love it.  I actually like how the glitters are slightly sunk in the white, it really does remind me of cookies and cream ice cream, which is pretty much my favorite ice cream of all time.  I used three thin coats and love the way it covers.  You can also use this over a white polish if you want less coats.

Theoretical Rockstar
 Theoretical Rockstar is "a light grey polish filled with round and square black, white, and silver glitter."

I layered this one over Zoya Tao, which is a deep shimmery grey.  I love square glitter so that is my favorite feature of this polish.  The little round white glitters are a nice addition too.  I used 2 thin coats over the Zoya.  

Paint Me Patriotic
Paint Me Patriotic "Red, white, and blue glitter floating in a clear base. The glitter here is predominately square glitter, with small round and white stars rounding out the mix."

I don't typically love patriotic polishes because of their limited uses, but that being said, I really do like this one.  Maybe it's the presence of square glitter that really got me, but I just really think this looks cute, especially over white, which is what I chose to layer it over of course.  It would also look really nice over blue or red, or maybe over some other color completely!  Very easy to work with formula too!

**the next two polishes are prototypes from Vivid Lacquer's  upcoming new releases.  There might be slight differences in the final versions of them, and any formula issues will be worked out, so just take in the eye candy for these and keep an eye out on July 13th when Anni releases them on her birthday! (Happy early Birthday Anni!)

The Harlequin Adoration
Hurricane Season

Gorgeous prototypes right?!  I love them!  I layered Harlequin Adoration over black because of the reddish copper shimmer, it seemed to scream out asking to be layered over black! 

I did three coats of Hurricane Season by itself.  I love the glitters and shimmers in this polish and can't wait to see the final "finished" version of it!

Anni did a great job on her polishes, and she has stamping plates coming out soon too!  How exciting!

Links to find Vivid Lacquer:

Esty Storefront

Vivid Lacquer Tumblr

Facebook Fan Page


What do you think of these?  Which is your favorite?

*polishes provided for review consideration


  1. Paint Me Patriotic is such a pretty glitter!

  2. Thanks for the swatches - I am checking out this brand now!

  3. the red white and blue glitter is cool!

  4. Cookies and Cream is my favorite! It's so cute. I really love the glitter too.


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