Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weekly Partner Stamping

Here I am with this week's installment of Partner Stamping!

Jamie and I are using stamping plate BM-315 this week, from the newest Bundle Monster Collection 3

Here is the mani I came up with:

I'd always wanted to try stamping over clear to get a lacy, delicate effect...I am not sure if I like it.  I definitely like it in concept and have seen it look stunning before on other people.  I either don't like it with this pattern or don't like it on's just not colorful enough for my taste.

I will, however, be using this image again very soon because I LOVE the image, but I want to use it with something BRIGHT! :)

Now visit Nails Adored and see what Jamie came up with this week!


  1. Woman! Why did you outdo me!? hahah! Ahh - I actually LOVE this and you know how anti-sheer/nude nails I am!!

  2. I dont know..the white on sheer kind of reminds me of a doiley...did i spell that right?

  3. Maybe over a jelly white or OPI Dont touch my tutu? ooh that would be pretty. Must. Try.

  4. Oh, I just LOVE this!! I agree, a base coat of sheer nude would help even out the nail bed, but otherwise - GORGEOUS!

  5. This is cute! Maybe stamp white over a nude to get a similar effect without VNL?


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