Monday, September 10, 2012

Indie Spam!

Good morning everyone!

Today I have an eye-candy sort of post for you just to share of of the indie polishes I have been accumulating lately!

KB Shimmer - Band Geek
KB Shimmer - Band Geek
Nail'd It Unique Polish - Dragon Scales (over Kiko 300)
Dragon Scales (over Kiko 300)

 Candy Lacquer - City Girl (over Kiko 356)
City Girl

Lush Lacquer - Neon Blast* (over Kiko 391)
Neon Blast*
*Yes I see that there are a few curled glitters in the Lush Lacquer and when I contacted the shop about the problem they were super attentive and sweet and totally handled the issue for me with excellent customer service.  I highly recommend Lush Lacquers due to their great products and even greater customer service!

Lush Lacquer - Party Rockin'
Party Rockin'

So there you have this installment of Indie Spam! 

What do you think of these polishes?  Which is your favorite?


  1. On your post those first three look aawweeesssooommmeeee! As for Indies in general, I really like Rainbow Honey!

  2. You and I think alike... Take a look at my post today!! lol My favorite out of these is City Girl!

  3. I love Spam Posts! Dragon Scales is my absolute fav :)

  4. band geek looks way chunky! was it hard to remove?

    1. It actually wasn't that hard to remove, and with topcoat it actually didn't even feel bumpy! :)

  5. I love Dragon Scales!!! Awesome name too


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