Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weekly Partner Stamping!

Hey guys!  It's time for weekly partner stamping again!

This week, Jamie and I are using plate BM-301 from the newest Bundle Monster image plate collection.

I honestly had no idea what do do when I looked at the plate...then this random silly idea came to me when I realized what two of the images on the plate were...and this is what I came up with:


 Here is the plate:

One note about BM-301 that I experienced:  I didn't try the key or the bat image, but the other 4 images were incredibly annoying to transfer.  I tried the fake gradient first, and it just wouldn't transfer.  Then I tried the one above the luck.  Getting the bee to transfer was a nightmare, and the stripes weren't much better.  I think it's etched very shallow.  

I wrote to BundleMonster about it and they are sending me a free replacement.  We shall see if that one is etched better than this one!

 What do you think of today's mani?  Have you ever had a troublesome image plate?

Now visit Nails Adored and see what Jamie came up with this week!


  1. The bee is too cute. To bad it didn't transfer correctly. :-( At least they're replacing it for you. I do have one plate where the image is too deep and I hate it. The scraper always gets stuck on the image.

  2. Buzzz buzzzzzz! I only tried the gradient, and it basically worked. The top half of the stamp didn't transfer so I had to go back and fix it on 2 of the nails. I may have to test out the other ones now because I'm curious if it's a glitch with this particular plate?

    Good to know their customer service is awesome though- I'm really glad they're replacing it for you!

  3. It's very cute with the bee. I've ordered imageplates from the Born Pretty Store and a few weren't etched good either. I told them about this and they have send me new plates too. They were much better.


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