Friday, September 14, 2012

Attempt at a Braid Manicure...

Hi guys!  Today I want to show you my first (and possibly last) attempt at a fishtail/braid manicure! 

I used the tutorial I found  HERE at Lucy's Stash.

This was my outcome:

I am pretty sure I did something wrong when trying to follow the steps, though I don't think it looks really bad for a first attempt.  It was really stressful to me though, trying to make sure I put the lines in the right places with the right colors.  This is why I rarely attempt freehand nail art!  Haha.

So the colors I used, for anyone interested, are all Zoyas and they are: Kiki (pink), Song (blue) and Trixie (silver).

I doubt I will try this again, but you never know...crazier things have happened!

Have you ever attempted this sort of manicure?  Do you have any tips to make it easier?


  1. It looks pretty good for your first attempt. I am scared to even try cuz I know it will come out a hot mess.

  2. this came out great! I love the braided nail art

  3. Great. Tell me please how did these patterns and what color nail polish did you use?


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