Monday, September 17, 2012

Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plate!

Hey guys!  I have something pretty cool to show you today. 

I have a new stamping plate to try out from the Indie maker Vivid Lacquer!  You may remember this brand from the Indie Spotlight I did a few months back, which featured a few of the indie polishes made by the brand.

I think the idea of Indie stamping plates is really neat!  And this plate definitely doesn't disappoint.

Warning:  This post will contain MANY images!

Here is what the plate I've tested looks like:

It comes packaged like this:

A great thing about the stamping plates made by Vivid Lacqer is that the full nail images on the plates are a nice 2cm x 2cm, which is significantly larger than many of the major brand stamping plates.  This is nice for those with longer or wider nails who have trouble fitting images from standard plates.

So I decided to first try the plate out for a full mani, and I used the honeycomb type design to start with:

The plate stamped perfectly and cleanly without any trouble at all!

Next I decied to do a "skittle" of all the full nail images, just to try them all out:

As you can see, all the other images stamped super cleanly as well!  This plate is definitely very high quality.

Lastly, I wanted to test the mini images on the plate, so I put them onto an index card:

And those all transferred very well! 

I am super excited to see what other plates Vivid Lacquer comes up with in the future!  If this is any indication of what we can expect with future plates, I will probably want to collect them all!

Links to find Vivid Lacquer:

Esty Storefront

Vivid Lacquer Tumblr

Facebook Fan Page


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