Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Matte ZigZags!

Hey guys, today I have a quick stamping post to share with you!

I wanted to use my Cheeky Beauty large image plate A because I hadn't really gotten much use out of it yet, so I decided on this simple but fun mani!

I decided to make this a matte mani because I really didn't like how it looked shiny.  I forgot to even take any pictures of it shiny because it really just didn't look great.   I really like how this turned out and I got several compliments on it too!

The Warpaint Beauty Matte top coat was only $1.99 in Hot Topic and I really like how it worked!

  What is your favorite matte top coat?  Do you agree that some manis are just more suited to be mattified than others?


  1. What a beauty! I like matte nails but I often forget to make a mani with it.

  2. Great mani & gotta love a good bargain!

  3. this is beautifull!
    the colors are great together,the staming is perfect and the matt effect is so cool!
    love it x


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