Friday, September 28, 2012

NIcka K Holiday Colors!

Hey everyone!  Happy Friday!

Today I have for you a handful of colors in the Nicka K Studio line of polishes that have been grouped together in a small collection of Holiday colors.

Red Hot
Red Hot is a super pigmented creamy red!  This is the perfect holiday red, and really a great red is a must-have year round as well.  The formula on all these Nicka K polishes is superb!  This is just 2 coats.

Velvet Green
Velvet Green is a frosty, shiny vibrant green color.  It goes on super smooth in two coats. 

Silver Star
Silver Star is a really pretty silver!  I don't usually care for colors that have a definite frost quality to them but this silver is really amazing and wearable.  I love how it looks on my skintone as well.  Two coats pictured.

Sparkly Sand
Sparkly Sand is a gold glitter polish that is jam-packed with sparkles.  Pictured is 2 coats and it is wearable without a base color.  You can see some VNL in the picture but that was virtually undetectable in person. 

I know it's a little early to be thinking about the holiday season but when you are ready to start rocking holiday nails, you should definitely check out these offerings from Nicka K because they are the perfect colors to celebrate with in style!

Have you tried any Nicka K Polishes yet?   What is your favorite color to sport during the holiday season?

Useful links:
Nicka K New York Website
Nicka Shop
Nicka NY Facebook Page


  1. I really wish Nicka K shipped to Canada. There's been many a time I sat on that website lusting....

  2. Thank you for introducing me to this brand - very pretty!

  3. The last one is the best! I'm impressed! : )

  4. beautifull colors! i really like the velvet green although i think its more blue, and the sparkly sand!

  5. The red is beautiful, and sparkly sand also.


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