Monday, September 3, 2012


Hi everyone!  It's officially September!  I can't even believe how fast time seems to fly these days.  I am nearing the "Six months until the wedding" mark and can use all the time in the world, so I really wish time would just slow down a little!  I don't think that is gonna happen anytime soon though, so I will just make the best of it and try to use it wisely.

Speaking of time, today's mani is inspired by clockwork and I think it has a very steampunk feel to it.  I also happen to LOVE how it came out. 

I seriously cannot get over this mani, I was so sad when I had to remove it to move onto other things.  I got so many compliments on it as well.

The base color of this mani is Band Geek by KB Shimmer (2 coats without underwear).  I stamped it with Essie's Good as Gold.  The new Essie polishes from the Mirror Metallics collection are absolutely perfect for stamping, FYI.

The stamping plate I used is "B" from the set of XL Plates by Cheeky Cosmetics.

I may have to do this mani again sometime, no joke!

Do you like steampunk-esque designs?   What do you think of stamping over glitter?


  1. I really like that base polish, the whole thing looks great!

  2. And now I must have all the Essie Metallic polishes to stamp with. Thanks for an interesting post. I like that you stamped over a glitter polish. It makes them seem more versatile.

    <3 Shannon

  3. Oooh! I love this! Very steampunkish! :)

  4. Wow the base and stamping combo is stunning, I love the colour combo, and that base polish! <3 wannt!


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