Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weekly Partner Stamping!

Hey guys!  It's time for weekly partner stamping again!

This week, Jamie and I are using plate Lilic's A01 from the Lilic's image plate collection.

Here's my mani:

 I used 2 Cherimoya polishes for this mani, both from the Matte-n-a collection.  The base color is Fairytale and the stamping is done in Suspense.

 The first picture shows how it looked before top coat.  I couldn't decide if it would look better matte or shiny, so I added top coat.  I liked it better matte, but I left it shiny so that it would last longer without chipping.

I was moderately happy with this outcome, though the plate didn't stamp as well as I had hoped it would.  Maybe it was just my own mistake but I think maybe the plate wasn't etched very well for the image I was using.

Here is what the plate looks like:

Now visit Nails Adored and see what Jamie came up with this week!


  1. Super cute!! The full nail images on the plates look kinda small, even though it covered your nail, Can you do a comparison photo with a Konad or Bundle Monster plate?

  2. So cute, I love this image - reminds me of a love letter or post card <3

  3. I am so in love with this mani! I keep coming back and looking at it!!!

  4. The design is so cute! I remember when I bought my first stamping kit when it first came out. The designs are sooo corny! And there isn't much to choose from. My plate included some flowers, a shoe and some weird abstract.

  5. What a cool plate! The color pairing here is great too :)

  6. This is nice stamping and I love the imageplate.


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