Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Indie Spotlight: Glimmer by Erica

Good morning everyone!

Another day, another indie polish to share!   In the spotlight today is Glimmer by Erica!

I was very excited to try these polishes because I had heard great things from several friends about this up and coming brand.

All of the following polishes I am going to be showing you today have the same great formula, so I'll get that out of the way here so I don't have to keep repeating myself.  The base the glitter is packed into is so easy to work with! 

A lot of glitter toppers I've tried have a very loose or runny base that causes my base color to bleed or get patchy if applied before top coat.  Not the case with these, the base is a tad thicker but not too thick, and it makes applying the glitter a piece of cake.  Also worth mentioning is that these polishes really are jam-packed with glitter, so there's no digging around for certain pieces, you get a little of everything with each stroke!

Seasons Change
Seasons Change is a gorgeous fall-inspired glitter mix, which "has brown, green, orange, yellow, and red hexes of various sizes as well as a gold micro glitter for added sparkle".    I put this over an orange shimmer and I absolutely love the result!  I think there are a number of colors this would be awesome paired with!

Spicy Pumpkin
Spicy Pumpkin is "orange, brown, garnet, and red glitter" in a clear base.  This color combination reminds me of thanksgiving!  I have it layered over a gorgeous red-brown shimmer.  Those red glitters just really POP and make this polish glow of fall!

Harvest Moon
 Harvest Moon is a mix of "gold, brown, orange, and burgundy glitters" in a clear base.  This one I layered over a true yellow-gold metallic.  It reminds me of indian corn.  This fall collection has really captured every essence of fall so well!

Trick or Treat
 Trick or Treat is " black, orange, purple, yellow and red glitters" in a clear base.  I chose to layer this over a metallic lime green and was very happy with the result!  The yellow glitters are a little hard to see over this base color but other than that, I really love how this mix looks and think there are so many colors that would look great.  For any time of the year, not just Halloween!

Vampire's Desire
Vampire's Desire is "red, burgundy, garnet, and gold holographic glitter." in a clear base.  I think that the gold glitter really make this a stand-out, since most of the other vampire themed polishes I've encountered are more about being bloody and dark, which is fine too, but I like the uniqueness of this one.

Spectral is "blue, purple, silver, burgundy, and garnet glitters" in a clear base.  I saved my favorite for last!  I layered this over a charcoal silver metallic and I can't even explain how much I love the look of this!  In person it was even more stunning than in the picture!  Definitely a must-have! 

All in all I am extremely impressed with the polishes from Glimmer by Erica.  I already spy a few others in her shop that I plan on grabbing soon!

Each  Full size (15mL) polish costs $10.00, which I know is on the higher end of the indie-cost spectrum, but I believe the quality of these is well worth the money! 

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Which one of these sparks your interest the most?  Have you tried any of her polishes yet?

*polishes provided for review consideration

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  1. I own a couple of GlimmerbyErica polishes, and I absolutely love them. Each one of them is simply stunning, and the quality is fantastic.

  2. Lovely glitterpolishes! Love the basecolors you used, they fit perfectly.


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