Monday, November 19, 2012

Indie Spotlight: Mack Gives Back!

Happy Monday everyone!   Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

I had a pretty busy and eventful weekend.  We went to Connecticut to our wedding venue to plan out our wedding timeline, menu, cake, etc.  I can't even believe that it's only four months away!   One week from today will be a year since I was proposed to!  Time really does fly!

ANYhow, on to today's business, which is sharing swatches of some polishes from the Mack Gives Back Princess Collection!

All five of these had the same formula, but with varied glitter mixes/colors.  They were pretty simple to apply, and I usually needed two coats for the swatches I am presenting. 

Jasmine, layered over a light green shimmer.  I love this look, and think that this color combination really captures the essence of princess Jasmine!  So pretty!

Rapunzel is a really pretty mixture of mostly purple and fuchsia glitters.  I love the mix of square glitter with the smaller round glitters in this one.  Layered over a lavender cream.

Tiana, this mix has shades of green glitters and silver small bar glitters.  I layered it over a light yellow-green cream polish and think it goes really well!  I usually dislike these small bar glitters but I think in this case they work really nicely!

Belle is layered over a gold metallic polish.  Sorry about all the glare on the metallic, it was really blinding and hard to capture without that shine!  I love the colors in this mix and think that it a great tribute to Belle.  Next time I might try it over a cream instead of a metallic.

Cinderella...LOVE!  I saved my absolute favorite of the bunch for last!  I simply adore this glitter!  It's so elegant with those mirror-like silver square glitters and super blingy bright blue smaller ones!  I layered this over a light grey creme and already want to repeat this combo ASAP!

Overall the Mack Gives Back shop has some wonderful polishes to offer!  Pricing is $4.00 per mini bottle and $9 per full size bottle.  She also offers sets of pre-painted press-ons for $12 per set, and takes Custom polish orders for $12 as well! 

Etsy Shop

What do you think of these? 

*polishes provided for review consideration


  1. These are really pretty! Especially Jasmine!!

  2. I like the color choices you picked. Well done.

  3. Beautiful glitters. You can pimp every color with these.


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