Friday, December 21, 2012

Born Pretty Store: Flocking Powder Review + Tutorial

Hey everyone!

Today I have a semi-tutorial to share with you which I did while I was reviewing an item I received from Born Pretty Store.  The item is Fun Flocking Powder and it comes in a variety of 14 colors.  The color I am using in this post is Gray.

Flocking powder is a soft substance that can be used for many different types of art.  So at some point people decided to try sticking it on wet nail polish to give the nails a "fuzzy" soft look.

I personally never understood the allure of this nail look, and would probably have not ever tried it if not for Born Pretty Store.

So here I will show you the steps I took in applying the flocking powder to my nails.

First I will show you how it looks in the finished result in case you aren't interested in the tutorial:

If you are interested in seeing how to get this look, keep reading.

Step 1:  1 coat of similar colored polish (similar color to the flocking powder).  Mine is Nubar Marble Tower.  Don't worry about the bald spots, as more polish and then the powder will be covering it up.
Step 2:  One nail at a time, paint second coat of polish
Step 3:  Apply flocking powder generously over wet polish and pat down carefully.  Do this over a plate or mat because it is messy!
Step 4:  Continue steps 2 and 3 until all your nails are done and look fuzzy like this.
Overall, the flocking powder from Born Pretty Store is very easy to use and is a great value, for only $5.80 you get a large amount which will last you many manicures.

I personally do not like this look and probably will not repeat it again, but other people I have shown this too absolutely love it!  So it is definitely a personal preference type of thing.

I wore it for a whole day when I had work, and it surprisingly holds up rather well.  Some of the powder does come off a little but not too much.  I did have a problem with lint getting stuck to my nails, and I was kind of afraid to get them wet, though it didn't seem to pose a problem, it did dry back to fuzzy.

So if you like this look, definitely visit Born Pretty Store and check out the Flocking Powder item to see what colors you like the best to try out!

Readers of my blog, enjoy a 10% discount on your purchases by using the following coupon!

What do you think of "fuzzy" nail looks?   Have you tried it yourself?

*some products in this post provided for review consideration


  1. I actually really like flocking powder. It's really unusual. I prefer brighter colours though. Grey isn't my favourite

  2. Cute! I haven't tried flocking powder, but I love the look it achieves.

  3. I love this flocking powder. Such a lovely result.

  4. I love fuzzy nails! This is one of my favorite manicure techniques <3

  5. Nice post dear :)

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  6. I kinda like it.. I just got the kit from Born Pretty in red.. I'm excited to try it!


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