Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mentality Polish: Precious Holo Collection

Good morning everyone!

In case you are wondering, yes you read the title correctly!  Mentality Polish has done it AGAIN, and came out with another amazing set of holo polishes!  The Precious Holo Collection!

"This collection features five jewel-toned inspired colors, with an accent sparkle and holographic effect to make your fingertips shine"

As usual, the Mentality formula is top notch and all the colors in this collection were the same formula-wise. Two coats for full coverage, easy to apply without any issues.

 Seduce is a radiant blue holographic polish with dark red accent flecks.  This shade of blue is incredibly gorgeous!  Couple that with the sparkle and holographic shine and it's just stunning.

Flirt is a soft red holographic polish with red accent flecks.  I love the pigmentation of these polishes, the color is really rich!  I also love that they don't go on streaky or leave bald spots like a lot of holo polishes do.

Entice is a warm brown holographic polish with bronze accent flecks.  I had quite a bit of trouble photographing this one, I assure you the holo is there!  It just wouldn't not show up on my camera, but in person, it was clearly just as holo as the rest of the colors are.  I don't personally prefer this color for me, but that is because I don't care for how browns look on me in general, it's very pretty if you love browns though!

Tease is a delicate purple holographic polish with bright blue accent flecks.   This is definitely one of my favorites of this collection!  I love the color of this one, the blue accents really pop out and make this very unique!

Charm is a deep green holographic polish with bright gold accent flecks.  I saved for last what I think is the most unique polish in the whole collection.  Very rare to find a green holo polish in this shade of green.  More often I see lime-green/light green, or very very dark green.  I love this shade cause of how unique to my collection it is! 

Overall I think Mentality out-does themselves every time they come out with a new collection!  Their products are just stunning, and super high on the quality scale!  Definitely recommend trying some of their products out if you still haven't gotten around to it!

The polishes in the Precious Collection retail for $7.75 per 15mL full size bottle, this price includes shipping!

You can purchase these polishes from their webshop here:  Mentality Nail Polish

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What do you think of the Precious Collection?  Which color is your favorite?

*polishes provided for review consideration


  1. I have received Tease and Entice today, can't wait to try them out now, fabulous pics x

  2. Eeeeh now I must go and get them!! They look awesome!!

  3. These look amazing! I was gonna buy some, but they don't ship to Canada. Poooh. :/


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