Monday, October 14, 2013

Maybelline Vintage Teal + Transformations!

Happy Monday everyone!  Ok, ok...I know MONDAY ugh!, but I am trying to be positive.

Anyhow, I recently picked up a one of the new "Vintage Leather" bottles of Maybelline Color Show polishes, in Vintage Teal.  

I was not quite sure what to expect, I figured some sort of vinyl/matte type finish, but in the bottle I noticed some shimmery looking flake type glitters, so I was intrigued.

Well, the result really was a dark matte teal polish, and I could not really see the glitter bits in the application, but I did love the color/formula anyway.

Here is what it looked like by itself:

Maybelline - Vintage Teal
You can see the glitter bits a little where the surface is slightly uneven/bumpy looking, but it's not shiny or pretty like they looked in the bottle, but as I said, the formula was really nice for a matte, and I like this color, so I was still happy with my purchase.

I decided it needed something more though, so I turned to Orly Sparkling Garbage!

Vintage Teal topped with Orly Sparkling Garbage
I was super happy with this combination!  So super-duper sparkly!  I wore the mani this way for about 3-4 days with no tip wear or chipping. (NYC Grand Central Station quick dry top coat on top of it all).

However, I had a wedding to attend, and the top I wanted to wear was a purplish/maroon shade, and this clashed, but I didn't feel like doing a whole new mani...Zoya Paloma jelly polish to the rescue!...

Vintage Teal, Sparkling Garbage, Zoya Paloma jelly
This is my absolute favorite of the 3 manis!  How awesome does that look?  I got 2-3 more days out of this mani by adding Paloma to what I already had.  So gorgeous!

Hope you enjoyed this, it just shows you can start with an OK mani, and just keep transforming it without too much trouble and get a totally different/fresh look!

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