Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Swatch Dump!

Another swatch dump for you guys to ogle!  Enjoy!

Butter London - Slapper
LA Girl  - Teal Dimension
Loreal - The Temptress' Desire
Lush Lacquer - Glitter Girl
Misa - Grey Matters
Misa - Well Heeled Grey
Zoya - Vivi
Ok...I think I have now shared most of the swatches I was backlogged with!  But I have PLENTY more polishes I need to swatch, so I am sure there will be a lot more of these posts!  Hopefully they are helpful!

What is your favorite swatch in this post?  I am loving Well Heeled Grey and Teal Dimension!  Also wondering how Glitter Girl would look layered over several of these!

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